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How To add 100 New Subscribers To Your Email List In 168 Hours…

Published By Terrance Charles :)

Need REAL Traffic That Actually BUY?


In order to make it big, you have to start small. When it comes to list building that is definitely the case, it does take some time, but it’s worth it. Infact it’s the ONLY thing you should really concentrate on first if you want real success with Internet Marketing.



My everyday formula for adding atleast 100 subscribers in a week, sure you can add 1,000+ in a week but let’s stick to doable numbers for now, once you get the hang of getting your first 100, you can do it over and over again unlimited. The big mistake I normally see is most marketers aiming for 10,000 before they hit 100 – you have to plan your work, and work your plan.

The first thing you need is a squeeze page that converts traffic into subscribers. If you don’t already have one, here’s the exact software plugin I use to bang out powerful squeeze pages that convert. It’s also WordPress friendly, so you can create squeeze pages and landing pages for your blog also.

Everytime I mention my websites, I make sure there is always a way for people to subscribe. It makes no sense to waste your time sending traffic you worked hard for to a website that doesn’t allow people subscribe. You can still promote your affiliate URL’s even if you have a squeeze page, you just have to make it part of the subscribe process.

Once they have subscribed they’re immediately taken to your affiliate product, or you can add it in your email follow-up along with some valuable educational emails. Therefore you’ve already captured their name and email address and can follow up with them again whenever you want. However, only offer helpful advice to your subscribers fist mixing in several soft-sell promotional tactics that will not offend them, but will educate them on the purchase.

Here’s where the real fun begins. Now, I go to ezines and forums where marketers are already hanging out at and I find marketers with a decent size email list. Then I contact these marketers via email and ask them if they would be interested in a “Paid Solo Ad”  to their email subscribers list  and how much they would charge to send my mailing.

Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be expensive, I’ve spent $100 and had 214 people subscribe just from one promotion alone leaving me $280 in profit from my affiliate product on the back-end. Yes, it really is that simple, most of your effort is spent finding these marketers. And to top it off, that’s a extra 214 new email subscribers that I kept in the process. Win-win.

However, ezines are all over the place, you can find a list of ezines using google, but one that marketers love can be found at Directory Of Ezines for example. BTW – let’s cancel out the free method for now. Free works, but free can only take you but so far. If you want to get results, you will have to spend on some advertising for your business, as long as you know how well your website converts and finding the best value for your money.

Let me let you in on a BIG secret. Look at the amount of emails you get from various marketers on a regular basis. Don’t look at this as negative, look at it as a GOLDMINE – here’s why. What I do when I get these emails I reply to them and simply ask if they would be interested in a “Paid Solo Ad” promotion to their list and also how much would they charge. It’s either a yes or no, most of the time I get a yes, because marketers are always looking for extra ways to make money, why not ;)

Find atleast 1 – 5 marketers and contact them this week, remember you need a squeeze page first so that you convert as much of this traffic into subscribers first and not just sending them straight to your affiliate website. Again, if you don’t have a squeeze page already, here’s the exact squeeze page creator I use and highly recommend. Go to the popular marketing forums such as Warrior Forum and look around. Keep in mind just one marketer that sends a “Paid Solo Ad” to his list for you can result in 100′s of subscribers within a couple days.

It all adds up, 100 subscribers a week. 400 a month, 4800 a year. Now, each subscriber is worth $1 – $2 per month on the conversion side. So let’s say you drive, 500 subscribers a week for one month, that’s 2,000 subscribers in a month which means you could be making atleast $1500 – $2000 a month realistically as long as you treat your list with RESPECT and offer them what they signed up for, education.

Just using this tactic alone, I can average 150 – 500+ a day at times. Remember start small until you get the hang of it. Concentrate only on building your email list within the next week using this tactic and I guarantee you can add atleast 100 subscribers to your email list. Here’s the great thing about this… We are aiming for 100 within a week, finding the right “Paid Solo Ad” wether from another marketer or ezine, can easily add you up to 500+ in a week. This is my quick formula to driving 100′s of subscribers daily to my email list.


Also, just incase you didn’t know – I also offer Paid
Traffic Services to help you build your email list :)


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I look forward to working with YOU!


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To The TOP,
Terrance Charles


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6 Responses to “How To add 100 New Subscribers To Your Email List In 168 Hours…”

  1. LeighNo Gravatar
    Twitter: marketingclaw

    1:58 pm on September 19th, 2012

    Interesting stuff Terrance I particularly like the way you reply to other marketers and use their lists. That in itself is an absolutely top tip. many thanks

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    Terrance CharlesNo Gravatar Reply:

    Hey Leigh ;) I appreciate YOU. And, that is one of my favorite strategies. The way I think is, if you’re going to be getting a TON of emails from other marketers you signed up to their newsletters, you might as well take the opportunity to also reply to them and get some type of Joint Venture going. You’ll be surprised at where this can take you!

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  2. ChrisNo Gravatar
    3:35 am on September 20th, 2012

    Hello Terrance,

    My name is Chris and I have been trying to get my site up for over a month now.. I have done most everything to get it off the ground.. I have at least 100 people looking at my site a day.. but no one is buying anything.. I was looking into getting a squeeze page because I do not have one yet.. but I’m not sure where to get a good one. I found you on retweet and am impressed with all you have done.. and would like to be where to are some day.. I know you know where I’m coming from.. I’m broke my wife has cancer and I have 3 kids counting on me.. I’m trying everything to make this work.. would you take me under your wing and help me a little.. if you help me I’ll do anything to help you.. Advertise or what ever.. I just need to make this work for my family’s sake.
    I would like to think you for your time and for you taking the time to read what I have to say.

    Hope to here from you,

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    Terrance CharlesNo Gravatar Reply:

    Hey Chris, first off – Thank You brother and I appreciate your feedback :) Also, I’m sorry to hear about your circumstances and will personally pray for you, your family and your wife. Times are tough for a lot of people lately but don’t let that discourage you, they’re a few things you can do differently to help out your situation.

    And, TRUST me – I know exactly what you mean, I’ve been there before myself, everyone has to start somewhere. It makes me sad to hear these stories, because I had a similar upbringing, so I feel your frustration.

    As far as your website go, I understand you have 100 people a day visiting your website and not buying. This is due because of the quality of your traffic source, wether it’s search engine traffic, or traffic that you bought. It’s not targeted as it should be or else there would be more sales. And also, after looking at your website, I can see where you need more compelling sales copy to get people to take action.

    They’re a TON of squeeze pages out there, but it’s best to create your own by finding a HOT topic product that is in high demand, and create your squeeze page around it and have affiliate products on the back-end that way you’re getting paid to build your list and to help create leverage and buy more traffic.

    But, if your not tech-savvy, you can use this squeeze page generator here which is not my affiliate URL, I just love the product and the options it allows you to create a squeeze page. http://www.instantsqueezepagegenerator.com

    Unfortunately in your situation, there is no overnight fix. I wish there was, but in reality all of the hype you’ve been trained to believe is rarely true. Marketers do make big money online, however they’ve spent YEARS testing, tweaking and fine tuning their systems to get where they’re at, one this most don’t tell you.

    The best approach would be to find a mentor that is already successful in the area that you want to learn more about and implement yourself in. I highly recommend you participate in the Warrior Forum http://bit.ly/fMuHo5 which is the #1 marketing forum around. Be sure to connect with other marketers and ask questions about topics you need answered.

    Another suggestion because it does take time to and hard work to get things rolling is to find some other source of income to supplement for your situation. Even if that means finding a part-time or full-time job, that will definitely help your bottom-line and you can still focus on business, but it will allow you to financially secure your family.

    I can also help you, please contact me at terrancecharlesmarketing@gmail.com with more details on what you’re trying to achieve since the comments here only allow a certain amount of engagement, and I’ll be glad to help point you in the right direction. Please read take this advice above seriously and implement it.

    I wish you the best in life and business Chris, and you can always contact me, sometimes we have to sacrifice certain things in order to get what we want, so if it be getting a part-time or full-time job until you can concentrate fully on your business, it will help your bottom-line long-term.

    Thank You :)

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  3. Jon GallNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JonGall

    10:48 pm on September 20th, 2012

    What’s good Terrance, I’m so proud of you Bro. You are doing some Amazing things. You are definitely an Internet Marketing Guru in my book. Keep up the Great work Bro, and keep the valuable content coming.

    @Chris – You’ve definitely stumbled across one of the top Internet Marketers on the web. Whatever it is you need to know, I’m sure my Brother Terrance can assist you. I’d say that you can start by reading all the content provided on his blog.

    He provides some very invaluable information that should be able to get you started. Every great internet marketer found their niche online and ran with it. There are no two individuals who has achieved their success the exact same way.

    I wish you nothing but the best in all your future endeavors Chris.

    Jon Gall, U.S.M.C.

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    Terrance CharlesNo Gravatar Reply:

    Jon, that means a lot to me brother :) Helping people is my passion because I grew up ROUGH, not having anything or anyone to help, so I know what it’s like and as much as I can keep it simple and easy for people, that’s what makes me happy. Good to see you around man! We have to catch up on some things also, a lot more in the works for us. You’re a ROCKSTAR bro, keep doing great things yourself!

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