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One Unusual Traffic Tactic That Works Everytime…

Published By Terrance Charles :)

Need REAL Traffic That Actually BUY?


You know, I was actually just talking to a good friend on mines Juan Burton and he pointed out something to me that I have been using for several years now and it’s still driving me a TON of traffic even as I type this. Infact, I’ve had 100′s of people tell me this is how they’ve heard of me and went on to buy some of my products and recommendations.


(WARNING: I am in no way a grammar professional. I just type like I talk ;) )




Let me ask you a question…


As a marketer, you know that there will never be a shortage of new products coming out to the marketplace. However, if there is one thing that MOST of these product owners would like to have, is a TESTIMONIAL. But, here’s where it get’s interesting!

Most marketers don’t talk about this method too often, but it has a long-term effect on your business when it comes to personal branding, trust and credibility. The strategy is providing TESTIMONIALS with your picture and URL that link back to your websites.

I remember almost 5 years ago, I gave a testimonial to a POPULAR website called Traffic Swarm. Many of you know of and have used this website. Here’s what happened… My testimonial was added on the homepage of Traffic Swarm and because of that, I was getting around 525 visitors a week – 2100+ a month.

May not be much, but I added a lot of subscribers to my list and made some decent sales. I was getting traffic for atleast 1 year straight. They have re-designed their website and added new testimonials so I no longer get traffic from them, but it was WORTH it.

I have a good amount of testimonials for other products online though. You can see just 3 websites here where my testimonial are featured on, which continue to send me traffic. (For example purposes, no affiliate links.)


#1Doug Champigny’s Advanced Twitter Marketing.


#2Stuart Stirling’s Newbie Startup Guide.


#3Robert Plank’s Action Popup.


All 3 of these websites still send me traffic. Here’s another KEY benefit to providing testimonials. When big name product owners put out a product,  they are promoted to their list, other marketer’s list, forums and all over the internet with YOUR name, PICTURE, and WEBSITE on it.

I have had people say, I found you through Robert Plank’s product or other product’s and have asked me for my affiliate link to purchase that product. Your name start to get associated with these other big names. It will build your credibility, trust, potential customers and long-term friends in business.

How to go about getting your testimonials placed on popular products? First, you search and find what new products are coming out. Since they are not out yet, you are more likely to have a testimonial placed for that product. Product owners ALWAYS need testimonials, it helps their sales.

Even products that have been out for a while, 1 new testimonial can increase new sales. Another method… How many emails do you receive on a regular basis. I know I receive around 1,000+ a day in my inbox. Every email can be a good opportunity waiting to happen. Not just for testimonials. But, Joint Ventures also.

You simply REPLY to the email sender, let them know you enjoyed their email and then ask them if they have any new products coming out which you can provide a testimonial for. Some won’t, most will. You just have to ask. Ofcourse if you’re going to provide a testimonial, you’ll be given a free review copy so that you can make a honest testimonial.

Imagine your name, website URL and picture displaying infront of 1,000′s of other marketers and customers on a regular basis. Don’t you think that would help your personal brand and bring you more sales?!!! Ofcourse it will. Now, here’s how you can scale up this technique.

You can purchase a domain name that you use for when you when giving a testimonial and have it redirect to one of your squeeze page to build your email list one time. Sometimes your website URL won’t always be live on every product owners website, but most of the time it will.

If you don’t think testimonials work, you can see what others are saying about me here. Each one of their websites are getting 100′s of visitors from my blog on a regular basis. I do believe that if someone want’s to give me a testimonial, I will make it a live clickable URL to show them some love and send them traffic as my way of saying THANKS.

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box and do the complete opposite of what everyone else is doing. Btw, I didn’t start this blog post for testimonials, but if you would like to give me one in any way – you can send it here along with your website URL and I will make it live within 24 hours.


Go Get EM :)


To The TOP,
Terrance Charles



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2 Responses to “One Unusual Traffic Tactic That Works Everytime…”

  1. EvoNo Gravatar
    Twitter: GetFlat

    7:51 pm on September 19th, 2012

    Hey Terrance, I landed on your blog trough JustRetweet. I haven’t checked everything yet, but up to now all content you have looks pretty cool and useful. I look forward to find more helpful info on your blog. Thanks!
    Evo recently posted..Cooking course Part 2My Profile

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    Terrance CharlesNo Gravatar Reply:

    Waazzuupp Evo ;) I appreciate it! That also goes to show that JustRetweet really works by bringing you here and I look forward to seeing your content and sharing it with my network also.

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